May 1, 2011

Boss Orange For Men

I've been waiting for my day off to visit the mall since I've run out of perfumes! Naubos ko na yun Hugo Boss Bottled.Night ko the other day!

I feel incomplete without spraying some nice scents at the back of my earlobes and neck every time I go out of the house. Its a great timing since its Sunday with less people at the mall and yeah, its payday! yahoooo!

Since its 28 degrees here in Doha today, I'm just wearing a shorts from People Are People and a plain v-neck shirt from Folded and Hang and black sandals from Milano. My belt is from Esprit and my rosary necklace is from River Island and of course my watch is from Toywatch.

One thing I hate about buying perfumes is that sometimes they seems to have the same smell when you're there at the store! Its confusing and I don't know what to pick, of course I have some in mind before going there, but too many new items to choose from!

Since Hugo Boss Orange for Men are their top selling this week and the last perfume I used was from the same brand I've decided to give this one a try too.

I bought this scents for only $82 :-) its strong orange smell really feels good on my skin when I tried it on.

The energizing top notes of crisp apple, are blended with the casual masculinity of bubingawood, a rich accord infused through every expression of the fragrance...a perfect gift for your boyfriends!hehehe.

To know more about this product, check out Hugo Boss Fragrances.

They also gave me some freebies :-)


JPdHotMess said...

coffee beans helps remove the tangy smell in your nose when you sniff the scents.. makes it easier to choose what to buy.

Citrus never fails... I think it's compatible to every skin ph.. it's my favorite scent.. haha


Mac Callister said...

@jp--yes thanks and I already know that hehehe! kahit nag sniff na ko every time mejo mahirap pa din specially if theres lot to choose from hayyy :-)

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