Dec 5, 2010

My New Watch

I got my self a new watch the other day and I got to tell you, I love it so much! Its fun and so cute!!! I was only checking out their store and I cannot resist but to get myself one!


toywatch jelly

Its an italian brand, the silicon straps could be changed to different colors, where you have to buy separately. I was asking for a free spare straps but the attendant just laughed and told me I need to buy it hehe.

I recently bought this white strap and I'm gonna buy the orange strap next pay day!hehe

The price: 10,600 in pesos ($240). The extra straps could cost you around 2,400 pesos($54). A little expensive but its worth it, hollywood celebrities have these watches!

Check out the video:

You could also check out their website or here

Sep 2, 2010

Lacoste Canvass Shoes

After I got my first paycheck since I came back here in Doha from my vacation, I immediately bought a new canvas shoes. Its from Lacoste. I love wearing it with my pair of shorts. So casual and cute! :-)

Jul 29, 2010

High Cut Shoes

I recently bought a new Nike Dunk High AC at shoe salon at Glorietta in Makati to match my skinny jeans from Topman.

When I wore my Nike Dunk High AC at London. Im wearing jeans from Topman,shirt from armani exchange,scarf from my friend haha, black jacket fr Jules, dogtag fr River island

I was actually looking for a pair of Creative Recreations shoes at Grey one Social but the cute sales guy told me they don't have them anymore. So out of desperation I bought this Nike shoes. It costs me 5,000 pesos by the way!
Creative Recreation Milano High

Just look how lovely they are!!waaa my dream shoes...please come to papa!haha. I need to save up and put you on my feet soon! I swear! tse!haha

Jun 24, 2010

My New HTC Touch Pro 2 Phone!

Recently, I bought a new phone, as I got tired of my Nokia N97 phone, since my sister wanted a new phone for "pasalubong" for my upcoming vacation, she asked if she could have that N97 I'm currently using, I easily agreed and told her, OK FINE, you could have it!

What a better excuse to buy a new phone haha! So I bought, this HTC Touch Pro 2. Its very stylish and fun! Its looks like my old Nokia N97, but much better in size and function! After watching countless video reviews at YouTube, I went to the mall and bought it. Its present cost is 37,800 pesos or around $800.00 plus.

After weeks of using it, I can say, I am happy with it. Its features are fantastic, from phone book, to calendar, to messaging history and call history in one place! The screen resolutions are amazing! and I love the sliding keypad, big enough for typing text messages!

If you want more info about this phone, go to, search nyo nalang!LOL

Watch the video:

May 15, 2010

Sporty Mariah

Mariah, honestly, what were you thinking? sporty outfit...and you matched it with a high heels shoes? is she gonna run with those? waaaa! and Nick with that over sized clothes? It looks like he wrapped himself on the blanket!LOL

Apr 8, 2010

Nick Jonas Flaunts Muscle Arm

Well, summer is definitely here, and summer only means one thing...Hot! So here's a hot pic of Nick Jonas of The Jonas Brothers flaunting his big sexy muscle arms...

Love that outfit! So cute! Im gonna get those clothes!

Feb 3, 2010

Geeky Eyewear

I don't know what I'm thinkin' but when I first saw it and tried it on I was hooked! I closed my eyes when I gave the saleslady my money...its 390 US dollars!

well, its worth it, its a Bvlgari.

Jan 21, 2010

Zac Looks

Check out different looks of Zac Efron here. He's such a hottie!

and look at that travelling bag

no wonder girls (and me!LOL) are screaming for him!