Jun 24, 2010

My New HTC Touch Pro 2 Phone!

Recently, I bought a new phone, as I got tired of my Nokia N97 phone, since my sister wanted a new phone for "pasalubong" for my upcoming vacation, she asked if she could have that N97 I'm currently using, I easily agreed and told her, OK FINE, you could have it!

What a better excuse to buy a new phone haha! So I bought, this HTC Touch Pro 2. Its very stylish and fun! Its looks like my old Nokia N97, but much better in size and function! After watching countless video reviews at YouTube, I went to the mall and bought it. Its present cost is 37,800 pesos or around $800.00 plus.

After weeks of using it, I can say, I am happy with it. Its features are fantastic, from phone book, to calendar, to messaging history and call history in one place! The screen resolutions are amazing! and I love the sliding keypad, big enough for typing text messages!

If you want more info about this phone, go to www.htc.com, search nyo nalang!LOL

Watch the video: