Dec 5, 2010

My New Watch

I got my self a new watch the other day and I got to tell you, I love it so much! Its fun and so cute!!! I was only checking out their store and I cannot resist but to get myself one!


toywatch jelly

Its an italian brand, the silicon straps could be changed to different colors, where you have to buy separately. I was asking for a free spare straps but the attendant just laughed and told me I need to buy it hehe.

I recently bought this white strap and I'm gonna buy the orange strap next pay day!hehe

The price: 10,600 in pesos ($240). The extra straps could cost you around 2,400 pesos($54). A little expensive but its worth it, hollywood celebrities have these watches!

Check out the video:

You could also check out their website or here