Apr 5, 2011

New Tissot Watch

We're just strolling around the mall not thinking of buying anything, when we passed by their store. Just looking around and appreciating the beauty of it. I have no plans of buying since its way too expensive.

But when a Kabayan sales clerk told us that they do have a sale on some of their items on display for a good 40% off!!!


I tried one item and I just cant resist it. I have to have it! F*ck dugo ang bulsa ko!LOL

Its original price was $412 ++ and now its down to just $250 something!!! huwaw what a savings!!!

I love the box! they have these pictures of watches released since 1853!whew!

They have secret compartments inside too. kakatuwa!

Ladies and gentlemen, meet my new Tissot Watch hehe:

I love it! It has a sapphire crystal making it scratch resistant and tough, the bracelet is made from stainless steel, and water resistant for about 100 meters.

check out www.tissot.ch.com

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heartbug said...

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