Jun 22, 2009

Robert Pattinson's Fashion

I don't know about you but I'm loving Robert Pattinson's sense of style! The casual slash punk slash cool slash dirty look he's trying to show!

Below was the picture taken at the recent MTV Movie Awards

I love those nike shoes here too!i always see him wearing them.Whats wrong with Taylor's shirt!?Its ugly!LOL

another picture of Robert wearing Nike shoes when he arrived at New York.And that bag!So cute!

and this last one is my favorite!Look at that shades!Oh My God sooo hot! and his get up here it seems that he haven't take a bath for a week and still look so damn sexy!

You are so lucky I found a website which has a detailed items of everything Robert used being spotted on TV and photos. Check them out here: coolspotters


Nobe said...

oh edward! my edward! you bring back memories of high school!



Anonymous said...

i love him since harry potter days :)

Jord. said...

He is a very well dressed young man, completely gorgeous as well!

P.s i like the blog you're running here, it's a good read.